Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Follow the Moon: Forecast for May 26, 2017—May 31

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I'll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.

Ideas, language, even the phrase each other
doesn't make any sense. 
Halal ad-din Muhammad Rumi (trans. By Coleman Barks)

This almost too famous poem was my introduction to Rumi, a 13th-century Sufi mystic, teacher, and poet. Most likely it was yours too. Perhaps a poem can be too well known. Perhaps familiarity breeds an immunity to the absolute brilliance that Rumi is expressing in this poem, and that would be a tragedy. In the 21st century, we seem to be as caught up in judging the right or wrongness of our actions as people in the 13th century must have been. Why else would Rumi point them to the field beyond dualities where the world is too full to talk about? Even if it is over quoted, why does this poem speak to us so strongly? Why does it feel like freedom? 

I think the trouble is we are trapped by the binary, often thinking we only have two options when there are actually so many more. This trap extends to choice, to judgment, to gender. Why do we limit our options? What about dualism feels safe and understandable? The Gemini season asks us to look at our default patterns of binary thinking. What are the traps? What are the gifts, because we wouldn’t do it if there were no benefits. 

Let’s think about Gemini for a moment. This is the sign of the Twins. Generally, the twins meant are Castor and Pollux from Greek myth. According to their story, they were born at the same time to the same mother, but Castor’s father was human and Pollux’s was the god Zeus. Thus one brother was mortal and the other immortal. When Castor died, Pollux suffered the loss and searched to be reunited with his brother. This longing for wholeness while experiencing a split is a core experience of Gemini. The Gemini season, late spring in the northern hemisphere, is the season of pollination, a time of traveling between the blossoms to create new life. Gemini, as a mutable air sign, is seeking the ineffable: complete knowledge, true connections, potent integrations. Curiosity is Gemini’s superpower, fueling a lot of creativity and insight. Yet Gemini can get lost in the search too, yo-yoing back and forth between ideas and experiences, not knowing how to still the endless search and questing mind. Gemini portrays the traps of dualism as much as it show us how to step outside the binary into freedom. This is a paradox, a state of being that seems to be second nature to Gemini, and which encourages expansion of knowledge and understanding. 

This Gemini lunar cycle invites us to step into the expansiveness of paradox and the liberation from simplistic dualism. There is far more than rightdoing and wrongdoing in this life. There is daring. There is wonder. There is a world of blossoms to visit. There is a field where the world is too full to talk about. I wonder what happens when my soul lays down there? Can you imagine? The path of paradox and complexity entices my soul this lunar cycle. I dare to imagine myself out of the trap of the binary. Do you hear the call?

Moon enters Gemini 7:15 am CDT
May 25—New Moon: Seeding. Wonder. The word comes from a root that means “to be astonished,” and astonish comes from a root that means “to leave someone thunderstruck.”At this New Moon, I wonder how to find the field beyond rightdoing and wrongdoing.Seeking the thunderstrike, this month, I invite wonder to help me wander. I’ve described my life as a meander. I have Mars in Gemini in my natal chart. My locomotion (Mars) is often thrown off track, sometimes by a passing curiosity and sometimes by a steady doubt that there even is a right track. I am invoking this Mars, which happens to be only one degree away from the Sun and Moon in the New Moon chart, to help me wander towards the field that Rumi described as a place where, “Ideas, language, even the phrase each other doesn't make any sense.” Both opportunities and challenges will dot the bends in the road during the Gemini lunar cycle.

A major signature of this lunar cycle is the opposition between Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius. Oppositions provoke dualistic thinking. An opposition shows two sides facing off. The Saturn side sees the ways we need to be accountable and responsible. Saturn tempts us into thinking there are right and wrong ways to do thing, right and wrong sides to an issue. Sagittarius, as a sign prone to dogmatism, doesn’t help in this regard. Saturn has been showing us the outcomes of our beliefs, the way an idea can morph into a tenet and a tenet into a law. Beliefs matter and our beliefs want to matter. Is there a truth that can break our chains? Is there a truth that will create a better world? Saturn first entered Sagittarius December 2014 . Saturn will leave Sagittarius December 2017. As we near the end of this transit, the Gemini lunar cycle is a good time to get perspective on what Saturn’s transit of this sign has meant. 

Mars in Gemini presents another point of view to the singular vision of Saturn in Sagittarius. There isn’t one truth, but many, and if we are thrown off by the ever-changing nature of truth, we won’t like this particular influence. As I mentioned above about my own natal Mars in Gemini, this wanderer can lose focus, interject skepticism, and obstinately challenge any solution that isn’t diverse and open to wonder. Where are we rigidly holding onto beliefs that need to open up? Where are we losing focus for constructive responsibility surrounding our beliefs? Each planet and sign has wisdom to offer. Either/or thinking prevents us from accessing it. This isn’t easy. Social media has made it even harder to hear other points of view. People are isolating in enclaves that think alike. Some of these groups, which foster hatred and racism, are dangerous. Other groups may be focused on positive influences but still miss out on diverse perspectives. This may be the negative influence of Saturn in Sagittarius. What feels enlivening as we plant seeds in Gemini soil? What helps us see outside ourselves? Mars is a warrior. Will you fight for diversity?

Another prominent feature of this New Moon is a yod aspect pattern. Although the aspects are not exact, they influence this seeding moment. A yod is a triangle comprised of two quincunx and one sextile aspect. There are gifts and challenges within this pattern. The planets involved are: Mercury in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces, and both Mercury and Neptune quincunx Jupiter in Libra. Both Neptune and Jupiter are stationary at this time, meaning that within this lunar cycle, they will change apparent direction. Jupiter will move direct and Neptune retrograde. Stationary planets are more potent. The stretch (quincunx) between these planets involves heartfelt ideals and abstract beliefs. They seem alike but come from different places. We can believe something with our hearts and something else with our heads, without letting those values meet in the middle. Part of moving out of the binary is experiencing intellect and emotion as blended and whole. Compassion breaks down false divisions in ourselves. The stretch between Mercury and Jupiter involves concrete expression of our beliefs. The challenge here may be to soften our strong opinions, consider options, notice the impact in our bodies. The sextile between Mercury and Neptune is an invitation to open to messages from Mystery. As we soften hard-line stances, Jupiter’s impact strengthens. Jupiter is pushing us to act on behalf of the underdog, to notice and stand up against injustices, to find our balance as the world swirls around us. Paradoxically, operating from a rightdoing/wrongdoing perspective doesn’t get us there. What other choices do you have? 

The nitty gritty of this lunar moment comes from the exact square between Venus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. The recent retrograde journey that Venus took in Aries, the sign of her detriment (that means a planet in the sign opposite of the one it rules) shook some relationships to the core. Venus is still in her detriment and is now challenged by Pluto to come clean in relationship. Really clean. We are pushed to release emotions that could be considered unbecoming. We are told a lot of stories about how not to rock the boat. We are given far fewer tools about handling conflict well. If we step out of the binary approach to conflict, what other ways can we do this dance with each other? 

Forecast for May 26, 2017—May 31
Moon in Gemini
Friday, May 26. The Moon in Gemini wants to get along with everyone. And almost does. The trine between the Moon and Jupiter in Libra sets the tone early. We feel expansive, especially with our words and thoughts. We may not always be clear, however, with the Moon making a square to oceanic Neptune in Pisces. But don’t worry, perhaps we don’t need to be totally clear to get along with others. The Moon harmonizes with Venus in Aries even as it makes a conjunction with Mars in Gemini. We can’t stop talking until the Moon opposes Saturn in Sagittarius tonight when we stop to think over the day’s events and try to make sense of the various moods and enlightenments we experienced. We are learning about diversity this month. Today has given us a multi-course meal to digest.

Moon enters Cancer 6:34 am CDT
Saturday, May 27. The yod aspect pattern from the New Moon chart gets closer to exact today when Mercury in Taurus makes a quincunx to Jupiter in Libra. We are adjusting thinking and speaking styles, especially around communicating our values and beliefs. This could be a stressful day if we don’t embrace the challenge of communication. You may be asked to change your routines. Perhaps you’d benefit from turning off social media for a few days. Silence opens up a whole new appreciation for the ways we fill the space with needless words and thoughts. The quincunx aspect is perfect for forcing us to notice and adapt to complexity. Complexity takes on new patina when we begin to appreciate that we don’t need to conform to a binary approach to life. The Moon in Cancer helps us anchor insights to our deepest selves. The metaphor for that self is the home. Welcome paradox into yours.  

Moon in Cancer
May 28—Crescent Moon: Germinating. Recall Rumi’s words about the field beyond the ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing. He describes a world that is too full to talk about. For me, this brings to mind the emotions of wonder, connection, and the ineffable experiences that we can’t find the words for. What if we used this lunar cycle to notice those states of being? What if we learned how to cultivate them? What then? Eight hundred years ago, Rumi knew this method. Other mystics have pointed the way too. One clue from Rumi is that duality—you/me, right/wrong, good/bad—will not bring us there. 

Planetary patterns provide the opportunity to allow Gemini seeds of diversity and multiplicity to take root. A yod aspect pattern has been building since the New Moon on May 25. The planets are Jupiter in Libra, Neptune in Pisces, and Mercury in Taurus. The word yod comes from Hebrew, meaning finger of God. This finger points to stationary Jupiter in Libra. Since September 2016,  Jupiter has been transiting through the sign of balance, justice, and harmony. Those three qualities found within one sign, do not co-exist easily. How do we find balance as we work for justice? Where is the harmony in method and in outcome of this work? Jupiter has brought a sense of urgency to this quest for justice as we see injustices increasing all over the world. This is important. The intention to step out of the binary to find new ways of being, thinking and acting in the world is not just for fun. We know this. It feels as if the fate of the world depends on it. Neptune and Mercury are pushing us to consider diverse and inspired ways to embrace complexity. 

To add even more urgency, the Moon in Cancer forms a grand cardinal cross with Jupiter, Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Aries. Things are happening in world and in our personal lives that feel revolutionary and transformative. Consider how you want to walk through this world. What if we found that field where the world was simply too full to talk about? 

Moon enters Leo 7:12 am CDT
Monday, May 29. Mars in Gemini opposes Saturn in Sagittarius early in the day. Oppositions tempt us into binary thinking. Two ends of a pole seem to be in conflict with each other and offering only two choices: A or B. What a conundrum. Mars is action and Saturn is responsibility. Gemini is the pollination of many ideas. Sagittarius is the search for unifying truth. Mars is busy visiting the flowers. Saturn says live up to your truth, be accountable to it. Mars is the child and Saturn is the grownup. If we choose Mars, we miss out on having masterful impact. If we choose Saturn, we miss out on the fun. Do you feel yourself stuck between these places? What if we queered the options? What if we refused to see only two choices? What does that look like? This is a great day to break out of the box. The Moon in Leo provides just the fuel to do that. Enjoy the puzzle.

Moon in Leo
Tuesday, May 30. So, perhaps today, we see the other side to all this Gemini influence, a little too many options, a little too much bouncing all over the place. Gemini is appreciated for breaking up stale constructs, but can be challenging when it doesn’t know that the work of expanding options is over. Mars in Gemini makes a sextile to Uranus in Aries today. We are so full of ideas and readiness to act on them, that we might scare ourselves or others. This influence could be just what we need to wake up or break free. But be careful if it feels more like Tigger from Winne-the-Pooh. The Moon in Leo adds more daring and risk taking. Like I said, great for waking up and breaking through. 

Moon enters Virgo 11:16 am CDT
Wednesday, May 31. After an energetic day yesterday, it may have been hard to sleep last night. When the Moon moves into Virgo, we might settle a bit since Virgo is earth, but we might just continue with the over-stimulation because Virgo likes to get things done. Don’t push yourself too hard. The trine between Mercury in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn add strength and endurance, especially to projects that require communication or learning. If you have been stressed by opening up to more options, then this transit may help you integrate the personal work you’ve been doing to see beyond the binary. 

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Follow the Moon: Forecast for May 15, 2017—May 24

Forecast for May 15, 2017—May 24

Moon in Capricorn
Monday, May 15
. Mercury leaves Uranus behind today when it enters Taurus for the second time this spring. Due to retrograde motion, Mercury made three conjunctions with Uranus in Aries (March 26, April 28, and May 10). These transits have been energetic to say the least. Mercury/Uranus contacts bring sudden breakthroughs that can be wonderful but also feel disruptive and chaotic. What kind of awakening experiences have you had over the past two months? Things should calm down with Mercury in fixed earth sign, Taurus. The Moon in cardinal earth sign, Capricorn, brings a grounding influence, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be surprises. The Moon conjoins Pluto and squares Jupiter in Libra, on its way to squaring Uranus early tomorrow. These outer planets have been fueling a lot of revolutionary changes in personal and political realms recently. This is still happening. Perhaps if we slow down our mental processes through Mercury’s influence, we can respond better to the changes coming our way.

Moon enters Aquarius 12:50 pm CDT
Tuesday, May 16.
Airy influences challenge the grounded Mercury agenda that began yesterday with Mercury’s ingress into Taurus. The Moon in fixed air sign, Aquarius, picks up on frenetic energy. Notice your tendency to go off in multiple directions for the next three days—a sure sign of too much air and not enough earth. What helps you slow down? Interestingly the breath (air) is a great tool for returning to our bodies in slow time.

Moon in Aquarius
Wednesday, May 17.
 The Sun in Taurus and Saturn in Sagittarius are attempting to have a conversation about values and truth, except they keep missing each other. You might find the same thing happening in your conversations today. Terribly important dialogs need to happen, but we must stretch ourselves to really hear what the other side is saying. What does that look like? Perhaps taking care to say what we really mean and accepting that others are trying their best too. A grand air trine of Moon in Aquarius, Mars in Gemini, and Jupiter in Libra helps loosen our tongues, but without presence of mind, we could waste our words on thoughtless speech. Neptune in Pisces seeks to interject compassionate connection into the fray through a quincunx to Jupiter. However, we might miss this mark too. See what you can learn from mistakes and chalk it up to the stars. There are lessons everywhere.

Moon enters Pisces 10:52 pm CDT
May 18—Last Quarter Moon: Reseeding. This Taurus lunar cycle began on April 26 when the spring season still felt new here in the upper Midwest. That new, burgeoning spring energy inspired my intention to drink in this season’s beauty while deepening into a regular gratitude practice. Spring days are lengthening into summer vibes now, but that doesn’t mean this lunar cycle is done. Even when the Sun moves into Gemini in two days, the earth-awakening influence of Taurus is still present.

This phase of the Moon is about reseeding. The metaphorical plant of this lunar cycle has germinated, emerged, blossomed, and grown fruit. Now, that intention sends out seeds of its own as the plant loses vital force. At this time of the lunar cycle, we can lose track of our New Moon yearnings. However, these seeds carry on the journey inspired by the New Moon even if it goes underground for a while. This is good. I know that a new spiritual practice is more likely to be incorporated into my daily life if I let it travel into the essential places of my life.

For my practice, I’ve begun filling a small vessel with water to the point that it overfills to remind me to take in gratitude until it overfills the small vessel in my heart. Seeing the small cup and pitcher on my table reminds me that I am dedicated to this practice. I am letting the seeds of this practice settle into the soil of my life. Think back over the changes you’ve initiated over the last three weeks. What seeds are settling into your soil?

The Moon in Aquarius sparks the collaboration between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. Tomorrow the trine between Saturn and Uranus is exact. These two planets are often at odds, with Saturn valuing tradition and Uranus valuing innovation. The Aquarius Moon happens to be co-ruled by both these planets so everyone is happy. The gift of this transit involves sourcing tradition to bring new worlds into being. Saturn gives roots to the impulse to change. Changes we make now may be more stable and longer lasting.

Moon in Pisces
Friday, May 19.
Complex transits make this day hard to describe. The Moon in Pisces helps to smoothes out the edges of any conflict between the many moods of this day. Trust your intuition. The first transit to consider is the trine between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. This is the second of three times that these planets make this harmonious connection in fire signs. (First was December 2016, the last will be November 2017). Activism is affected. Saturn pushes our activism (Uranus) harder. Uranus gives the message that we can’t relax for a minute, and that isn’t sustainable. The cooperation between these planets may provide the way to make our activism urgent yet responsible at the same time.

Mars in Gemini makes a puzzling quincunx aspect with Pluto in Capricorn. Perhaps we aren’t sure if we are angry or not. Perhaps we aren’t sure if we are in a power struggle or just a really intense and interesting encounter. This transit will have us paying attention to things that rub us the wrong way. Maybe you need to listen to your instincts more often.

Venus in Aries opposes Jupiter in Libra. This transit could feel like a pressure valve releasing. Venus returns to the Aries degree where this planet stationed retrograde in early March. The complete retrograde journey ends with a release of tension and an invitation to find balance. Venus in Aries hasn’t been easy on relationships, yet it has also reminded us that there are things we shouldn’t tolerate just for the sake of harmony. The balance point between is a place of authentic exchange, giving and receiving because we value the relationship.

Moon in Pisces
Saturday, May 20.
Sun enters Gemini. Five days remain in the Taurus lunar cycle but the Sun entering Gemini could be a big distraction from attending to our lunar intentions for this month. That’s the way Gemini is, a wonderfully distracting spring breeze rustling the treetops. The astrological seasons invite us to open to the next one and the complex way each season contrasts and blends. This transition is a natural step in the journey. Through Taurus, we rebuild our resources. In Gemini, we already feel rich with options. Notice if this expansiveness feeds your lunar intention. It can. The Moon in Pisces might tease out hurt feelings or resentments through a square to Mars in Gemini. Then the Moon makes a square to Saturn in Sagittarius, which could leave us feeling a little down in the dumps. These mutable signs are seeking to integrate and understand. Invite in Gemini curiosity as emotional weather shifts throughout the day.

Moon enters Aries 5:10 pm CDT
Sunday, May 21.
Several intense and possibly confusing transits this week are coming to an end (for now). You may even feel like the air has cleared after a good thunderstorm. Although the Moon is waning, its entry into Aries feels like a new beginning, anyway. There are no other transits other than an encouraging sextile between the Sun in Gemini and the Moon. Just as the Taurus season was a time to gather in earth as resource, Gemini is a time to expand into air’s possibilities. A few days remain in this lunar cycle. No need to jump ahead of ourselves.

Moon in Aries
May 22—Balsamic Moon: Composting. I am grateful for this season of rebirth. After a hard winter and early spring, I needed to fill up again. As the Taurus lunar cycle winds down, I am filled with gratitude, and for that too, I am grateful. Grateful to be grateful. Gratitude refills the soul. What I found in my lunar intention to create a gratitude practice is that I don’t have to be happy to be grateful. Neither do I need to feel grateful for the things that cause pain. Sometimes the gratitude is very small. Sometimes it is the search itself for gratitude that creates the shift into more space, more filling, a replenishment.

It is important to take a moment to notice replenishment and gratitude since the day’s transits could be harsh. The Moon in Aries (feisty and short-tempered) makes challenging transits to Jupiter in Libra, Venus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Aries (technically this last one is early the next day, but you get the picture). The planets keep pushing us toward change and activism. The Moon triggers the call. The Moon also makes supportive transits to Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius today. There is a lot going on. Notice when you want to engage and when you don’t. We are putting this lunar cycle to bed. We may not have the energy to join the fray, and that is OK. Listen to your body.

Moon enters Taurus 7:33 am CDT
Tuesday, May 23.
The Moon returns to Taurus where it was when we began this cycle. After yesterday’s transits, you might notice how this feels like a reprieve. Go outside. The Earth awaits, to be listened to, to be grateful for, to be in service to. This is healing balm.

Moon in Taurus
Wednesday, May 24.
Again, we notice the influence of the waning Moon in Taurus. The Moon is exalted in this sign because we can feel replenished by paying attention to the Earth. The Moon mirrors for us the ways we fill and empty and fill and empty. All the parts have their beauty and purpose. Notice that, as you say good-bye and thank you to the Taurus lunar cycle. The Gemini lunar cycle begins tomorrow. 

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Follow the Moon: Forecast for May 11, 2017—May 14

Moon enters Sagittarius 11:59 am CDT
Thursday, May 11. Notice your breakthroughs. Notice your commitments. Notice what openings are created by recent collapses. Notice the contrast between acting impulsively and acting with soul. There is a lot to notice today. And a lot to tie together. Don’t let that add to your stress. This is an offering, a gift, a chance to bring resolution. Mercury in Aries is trine Saturn in Sagittarius. We get to reconstruct meaning and structures from the debris of recent upheavals. There is an expansive quality to this transit. The right tools, the right opportunities come forward. The square between Mars in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces could create confusion if we don’t know to expect it. Lapses in focus may mean we need to sit in silence for a bit. It may not be time to initiate action, but it is time to pull together the true desires and intentions that will fuel our actions in the near future.

Moon in Sagittarius
Friday, May 12. Mars in Gemini gives Jupiter in Libra a nudge. Not that Jupiter needs nudging. Jupiter in Libra has been boosting belief that we can improve the ways we do relationship. And that means relationships in all forms. What isn’t relationship after all? Jupiter wants us to see the connections, how we need each other, how we impact each other, how we are never alone. Jupiter wants us to expand that sense of connection into our desires for fairness and justice. We need to see and feel how imbalances create unfair loads for some. We need to feel the discomfort of that, even when we are the privileged ones. Especially then. Jupiter (in recent contacts with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn) has reminded us that we need to act upon, expose, and transform in justices everywhere. Today, Mars in the sign of curiosity says what are we waiting for? What can we discover to get us farther along this road? The Moon in Sagittarius opposes Mars today creating an extra sense of impatience. Really, what are we waiting for? Neptune in Pisces is still an influence on Mars and the Moon. Salvation will not come in one fell swoop. If you think it will, Neptune’s got you in the trap. However, Neptune can encourage inspiration. Talk with your gods.

Moon in Sagittarius
Saturday, May 13. Today, the Moon bolsters the support we’ve been getting from the planets this week. It’s nice when doors open, right? We’ve still got lots of work to do, but you might be feeling the upswing of hope wafting through the day. The Moon conjoins Saturn. Perhaps that isn’t all bliss because it brings a certain awareness of responsibility and obligation with it, but these planets are trine to Uranus and Mercury in Aries and that helps us feel that perhaps after one door closes another can open. Perhaps. A great deal of mental and philosophical energy influences this optimism. Yes, talk is cheap, so don’t waste your words. What really feels valuable to share? What will help us make the changes we need to make?

Moon enters Capricorn 12:37 am CDT
May 14—Disseminating Moon: Fruiting. I am looking at the celestial influences of the day with an eye on how they may influence my lunar intention to bring a gratitude practice into my life. The Moon in Capricorn invites me to look at the lasting foundations of gratitude practice. During this fruiting stage of the lunar cycle, I notice possible benefits from my lunar intention. What have I learned that can be shared? Capricorn has an eye on how actions sustain the family group through hard times. There is a natural desire to assign merit and fine-tune my practice. I might be a tad judgmental about it since I want this practice to be useful to me and my beloveds. Are you noticing this type of self-reflection today?

The only aspect today is a square between the Moon and Venus in Aries. Look where you project your critique. We may be tempted to blame everyone else for falling short of our goals. Look deeper at these urges. Perhaps blaming isn’t even the point. How do you honor the desire to excel at what matters most to you? How do you share the fruits of this effort?

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Follow the Moon: Full Moon Forecast May 10, 2017

Today, as I walked past the crabapple tree in my front yard, I saw one of the season’s first honeybees wriggling deeper into a pink blossom. That was a delight. There is nothing sexier to me than a bee bonding with a flower. I was so pleased the tree and bee had found each other after planting the crabapple last year hoping this would happen. This vignette says so much about the celestial season of Taurus. Sex, for sure, is a top priority, but all sensual experiences—the tastes, touch, scents, sights, and sounds of pleasure—are Taurean concerns. Why does one season get so much juicy life? What will come from all this wriggling and writhing in beauty? What lessons and gifts are offered through waking fully into our sensual bodies? Instinct tells us that we need this. We need this perhaps more than we know. And we need it now.

The past winter was hard. Transits reflected how hard. Cardinal sign squares and oppositions involving Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, and Jupiter in Libra rattled the cages. Dual retrogrades of Venus and Mercury through Aries shook up the ways we think and relate. The status quo no longer seems desirable to more and more of us, at least one hopes. Mundane events reflect the cardinal sign impulse to act. The U.S. Presidential election made it clear that we need to step up our activism and vigilance. This hyper-awareness takes energy and creates more stress, especially for people who have already been living stressful lives while the rest of us wake up. Resources may seem thin. We need to take an assessment of our lives. We need to restore resilience and reason for preserving precious life. What better way to do these things than through the wild and exuberant path of beauty? Taurus loads it on and we should pay attention.

I planted the seeds of a gratitude practice at the Taurus New Moon on April 26. That is the way I am paying attention. Inspired by an interview with Brother David Steindl-Rast (On Being, my practice is to stop and behold the moment, to allow a small vessel in my heart to overfill with that moment, and to give thanks for that filling and spilling of awareness and connection to my surroundings. It is important to me that I do not have to be happy to be grateful. Neither do I have to be grateful for the things that make me unhappy. What I am focusing on is the vessel that spills and being grateful for that.
Which brings me back to Taurus. I paint this sign and season in glowing hues. How can we go wrong with beauty and bodies? We can’t, but Taurus also shows us the ways we try to hold on to these ecstatic experiences. If something is good, we want it to last forever. We want more of it. We want to put it in the bank, as it were. Own it. And that is a problem. The Buddha taught that attachment was the root of suffering. We grasp and try to hold. We make ourselves miserable. At the Scorpio Full Moon on May 10, we have the opportunity to integrate the opposing signs of Taurus and Scorpio. Scorpio teaches us about letting go (a bit). Scorpio is the season of dying. All this abundant life will return to the Earth eventually. Nothing lasts. The Scorpio season invites awareness of impermanence. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t try to hang on to the process of letting go. Fixed signs (Scorpio is fixed water) have a tendency to hang on. So, we hang on to the feelings of loss, or the intensity of death, or the desire to control how much will die. And we can’t. None of that is possible for long. So, this Full Moon, I recommit to my intention to be in the moment, knowing whatever it is won’t last, and letting that moment spill over. Filled, I can experience healing. Spilled, I let the healing move on where it needs to, grateful I am alive to feel this now.

Moon in Scorpio
May 10—Full Moon: Blossoming. The Moon in Scorpio opposes the Sun in Taurus. This opposition reminds us of the link between death and birth. These fixed signs—Scorpio is water and Taurus is earth—are the guardians of this birthing, living, dying, rebirthing process. Do you feel how precious life and death are in this moment? The fixed signs are also resources. We can draw upon them to replenish our souls. Right now, you may still feel the toll that winter and early spring took upon you. We’ve had a rough season of retrogrades. Venus retrograded through Aries back into Pisces. This planet of beauty and connection has stationed direct and will complete the Aries journey on June 7. Aries gives fire to our experience of pleasure and relationship. If we did our retrograde work, perhaps we know better how to tend those fires. Through Venus, we want connection, yet in Aries, we are less willing to compromise to be connected. You may have culled some of your relationships recently. What remains? What do you really value about your connections?

Mercury has also been moving backward through Aries (April 9 – May 2). During that process, the quicksilver messenger god conjoined Uranus, the planet of change and awakening, three times. Life has been a roller coaster and we are not in control of where it is going. This influence finally begins to diminish at this Full Moon, with the final conjunction. These planets bring breakthroughs if we can surf the chaos. At this Full Moon, notice what is new for you. How have you changed? What will you change? Both Uranus and Mercury are trine to Saturn in Sagittarius in the chart for the Full Moon. This is an encouraging connection to lasting and responsible change. Not everything is chaos. Form rises from the rubble.

Mars has been quietly navigating the early degrees of Gemini since April 22. At this Full Moon, Mars is exactly square Neptune in Pisces and closely trine Jupiter in Libra. Thoughts could be clouded. We may need to consider and then reconsider any decisions we want to make at this time. Jupiter influence encourages expression of thoughts and moving forward with plans. Neptune’s influence turns aside that urgency. There is another message coming through. Remain open as you consider your options. Non-attachment helps us go with the flow.

The Nodes of the Moon have changed signs. These points in space, marking the place the Moon’s orbit intersects the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, slowly retrograde through the zodiac. They are always in opposition and they are connected to the occurrence of eclipses. The North Node tells us about our growing edges. The South tells us about the patterns and influences we bring with us. Often, there is a sense of needing to clear up these patterns from the South so we can move more fully into the energy of the North. If that is true, we are looking at patterns from Aquarius (South Node) that may keep us from the gifts and lessons of Leo (North Node). What may be overemphasized: collective influences—going along with the group, feeling disconnected from emotion awareness, getting lost in our heads. What may be missing:  a sense of self worth, creative zeal, and a feeling that individuals can make a difference. Because of their connection to eclipses, the Nodes point to how we are evolving right now. An important solar eclipse in August in the sign of Leo could bring up issues around rightful pride and hurtful self-absorption. Stay tuned as this eclipse will fall on Trump’s Ascendant and natal Mars. Literally, anything could happen.

Take in the beauty of this Full Moon and try to let it go. We are blessed by bees and blossoms, for now. They, like us, are here for a moment. As we fill and spill with all this, may thankfulness arise.

Due to a week of family celebrations, the rest of the Taurus lunar cycle forecast will be published on May 11. 

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Follow the Moon: Forecast for April 26—May 9

Where I live, the Taurus season is the most beautiful. Life is miraculously erupting all around. The long season of winter is finally and definitively over. And what a relief that is. Beauty is nourishment. Taurus, as the fixed earth sign, knows about nourishment and what the body needs and delights in. The Earth opens up in this season to replenish our souls and bodies. If there is a perfect lunar cycle to begin a gratitude practice, it would be this one. And that is what I intend to do this Taurus lunar cycle, which begins on April 26. It is time for me to turn around my cynicism and fears. The winter was a long one, a hard one. I find myself left will little in reserve. I need this nourishment. Perhaps you do too.

My friend, Uncle Bear, is teaching me about gratitude’s gifts. [You can check out his excellent vlog, Uncle Bear's Rodeo, on YouTube.]

Uncle Bear’s enthusiasm for the benefits of a gratitude practice is infectious and enticing. Scientific research is telling us that a practice of gratitude boosts physical and emotional wellbeing. Through this practice, we are more resilient and better able to shift out of harmful states of mind and emotion. And we don’t even have to be blissfully joyous. Sometimes the thing we are grateful for is small. In fact, the research shows that the search for gratitude, even in the midst of struggle, will give us the same effects as finding something to be grateful for. Gratitude practice seems like a simple way to feel better about the world. Who wouldn’t want that? So, why is it still a struggle for me to remember? I need a push. I accept Taurus’ gift of abundant beauty as an easier way in to practice gratitude for life’s essentials. Taurus appreciates the essentials, the basic things that give pleasure, sustenance, and stability. This month, I hope to discover what is essential for good life and good relationship.

An interview with Brother David Steindl-Rast (On Being ), a spiritual expert on gratitude, has recently inspired me to begin this practice. He describes the parts of a thanksgiving practice: stopping to be present, letting our senses take in the moment, and allowing enough time so the experience of joy (and it can be very small) spills over into a state of thankfulness. He uses the metaphor of a vessel overflowing. He says gratefulness needs to overflow. I am attracted to this idea—a small vessel in the heart that overfills with joy. The size is important. It must be a small vessel because the hardness of this world is big and I can’t always find expansive joy in it. Size doesn’t matter, but it must spill over.  

This Taurus season I invite you to find those small vessels in your heart and let them overfill with beauty and gratitude. My mantra for the practice is: Be here. Behold. Be overfilled. Be thankful.

Moon in Taurus
April 26—New Moon: Seeding. Can you feel the fertile Earth welcoming the seeds of intention today? Where I live, it is easy to imagine any intention I undertake right now will be well supported by the season of spring and Taurus. Not everyone lives where I do, however. So, I stretch my imagination to hold those differences, all the different experiences of Earth and season at this moment. How are these seeds settling where you live? Taurus is the sign that anchors the earth element. It brings those qualities to the wheel of life—our bodies and senses, our values and resources, the things that support and sustain us, the sacred cycles of life. Taurus is fertile potential, the most fertile of signs, and still, there is no guarantee our seeds will survive. So, we plant seeds of desire and give our dreams to mystery. Taurus is about that too.

The chart for the New Moon shows retrograde Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries. Due to retrograde motion, this is the second time Mercury has met up with the planet of change and awakenings. The first time was at the New Moon in Aries last month. Mercury is playing an interesting game. The final and last time that Mercury will conjoin Uranus is at the next Full Moon on May 10. It is almost like this trickster planet wants to make a point. We are not in control. And that doesn’t feel good under Taurus influence. Taurus wants and encourages stability. Mercury and Uranus in Aries are anything but. So, we change the metaphor. This influence is like the sudden thunderstorm that brings hail, which helps the newly sown fields to germinate. Sometimes things need to fall apart before a more resilient structure is created. We are in that process now.

The longing is for stability. Saturn in Sagittarius helps by making a trine to Mercury and Uranus. Trines support. Even though things seem terribly unsettled, we aren’t giving up yet. Saturn’s influence is important. Rather than fight change, we are ready to embrace it. We have tools and are developing new ones all the time. Notice those innovations. Perhaps they are seeds of hope.
At the New Moon, Venus is poised to re-enter Aries. Venus stationed retrograde in that sign on March 4 and made her way back to Pisces before turning direct on April 15. Given that Mercury and Uranus have been throwing lightening bolts our way, you may have experienced disruption in relationships (Venus’ domain), while this volatile retrograde has been going on. Now, with the Taurus lunar cycle (Venus rules Taurus), we want to get back to harmony. The task is to acknowledge that our passions sometimes make it difficult to be nice. Perhaps we can find a new way to express them.

Taurus desires stability. Current Aries influence is disruptive. Chiron in Pisces just may break our hearts. In the New Moon chart, Chiron is square Saturn in Sagittarius. Chiron entered the sign of empathy and sacrifice on the day the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. Chiron’s journey has deepened awareness of water as sacred source of life. We see the wounds to water in the continuing pollution from this explosion in the Gulf, the continuing spread of radioactivity from Fukushima, the continuing struggle for clean water in Flint, the continuing struggle to protect water from oil pipelines crossing rivers and seeping into groundwater … this assault on water is an assault on life. The relationship between Saturn and Chiron reminds us that we have work to do. It may feel overwhelming. The seeds of prayers joined with action for the protection of water are welcomed at this fertile New Moon.

Forecast for April 27—May 9
Moon enters Gemini 8:39 pm CDT
Thursday, April 27
. Reverberations of the New Moon continue today while the Moon is in Taurus. Uranus conjunct retrograde Mercury (exact tomorrow) is stirring things up. Perhaps it is good to notice contrasting desires—the embodied fullness of the Taurus Moon and the impatient expectation of Uranus/Mercury. We have an opportunity to practice mindful embodiment while distractions and disruptions are high. Remembering your Taurus intention, how will you honor those seeds today, which are trembling to be born? When the Moon enters Gemini tonight (CDT), energy amps up. Mercury shenanigans (unexpected retrograde events) could easily increase. The good news, we may be more adaptable to those curve balls with this Moon’s influence.

Moon in Gemini
Friday, April 28.
Venus re-enters Aries and Mercury exactly conjoins Uranus in Aries today. Both of these events are repeats of recent transits due to retrograde journeys of both Venus and Mercury. This simultaneous retrograde period is not common and has really made an impact on the Venusian realms of relationship and diplomacy as well as mercurial things like communication and travel. Think United Airlines, and you get the picture. Perhaps today feels like an opportunity to reset the systems that have been disrupted in your life. Certainly it is a time to take another mindful breath. We are still processing. Notice the influence of the Moon in Gemini. This could be a very mentally and verbally active day. Are the words helping or are they obscuring what you need to do right now?

Moon enters Cancer 8:48 pm CDT
April 29—Crescent Moon: Germinating. This Taurus lunar cycle is an opportunity to tend the seeds of embodiment. The Earth speaks to us in the language of delight (through the season of spring), sustainability (through the cycles of life, death, and rebirth), and values (through awareness of relationships and dependencies). Such strong Earth messages invite a practice of gratitude. This practice is a chance to change our relationships. What is the story of your relationship to the land? For many of us, that story relates the consequences of colonization. Due to these histories, many of us have become disassociated from responsible relationship to the land. This responsibility includes acknowledging the harms that have been done to the land and indigenous people. Perhaps gratitude is a doorway to acknowledging these consequences.

If we want to grow past the harmful effects of colonization and disassociation, what actions might arise from your gratitude practice? The Crescent phase is a time to begin acting on behalf of our intentions. This is a natural time to take risks, try something new. The Gemini Moon encourages learning and connecting with people. The opposition between the Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius reminds us of our obligation to others. The movement from this social energy into Cancer encourages returning home to deepen what we are learning and desiring. As the Moon squares Venus in Aries this evening (CDT), we may notice the contrast between a need for the familiar and a curiosity about new people and relationships.

Moon in Cancer
Sunday, April 30.
The influence of a Cancer Moon in a Taurus lunar cycle is about as homey as one can get. Are you getting homey today? Notice what home and relationship to land mean to you. Not everyone is the same, but everyone needs a sense of belonging. Saturn in Sagittarius forms a square aspect to Chiron in Pisces for the second time due to retrograde motion. The first time was in December last year and the final one will be in November of this year. This middle transit asks us to reflect on our obligations to healing relationship. This is especially true of our relationship with water. As the Moon in a water sign makes a trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces (water planet in a water sign), deepen into both gratitude and prayerful action on behalf of water.

Moon enters Leo 11:12 pm CDT
Monday, May 1.
Traditional Beltane. For most of the day (CDT) the Moon is in Cancer, a complex sign that nourishes belonging and defends our sense of home. Cancer desires are strong today. That means we may feel more emotion and need more of the security and replenishment that comes from home. The Moon contacts Pluto in Capricorn and the conjunction of retrograde Mercury with Uranus in Aries today. These contacts are challenging and provoking. Our emotional reactions may be intensified by experiences of unbalanced power or stress and uncertainty. This may be a good day to anchor into a gratitude practice to ride out the waves. And because it is traditional Beltane, the cross-quarter Sabbath celebrating the season of Taurus, it is a good day to remember we belong to the Earth. How will you honor this home? How will you celebrate this beauty?

Moon in Leo
May 2—First Quarter Moon: Sprouting. Has the fertile soil of this Taurus lunar cycle produced any seedlings from your lunar intention? Now is the time to notice what is growing or failing to grow. Course correction is OK. That is the challenge of the first quarter Moon: what actions and adjustments must we make to nurture our intentions? The Moon teaches us to be adaptable. Rarely does an intention manifest the way we thought it would. What new information informs your next move?

My intention has been around cultivating a gratitude practice. The Moon in Leo can bestow grace and joy or it can feel like a deep questioning of our inherent value. Is this a challenge to your intention? What role does grace play in gratitude? How might gratitude restore grace that is missing?

Mercury will be stationing direct in Aries tomorrow. This Mercury is still conjunct Uranus. We are pushed to go past previous awakenings. You may have a sense that life is passing you by. If that is the case, it will be even harder to resist the personal revolutions that this transit offers. With help from Moon in Leo, Venus in Aries, Mars in Gemini, and Jupiter in Libra, we are poised to say, Yes! to the next invitation. The bolder, the better.

Moon in Leo
Wednesday, May 3.
A grand fire trine that includes a newly-direct Mercury in Aries ignites this day. The Moon in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Mercury and Uranus in Aries are having an animated conversation. The result could be a boost in creativity. It could feel like something that has been holding you back (Mercury retrograde) is suddenly loosened. What will you do with the surge of momentum? Since Uranus is involved, we may not be entirely in control of the situation but we are darn willing to give it a go. The Sun in Taurus makes an encouraging sextile to Neptune in Pisces. Inspiration is abundant. Notice that it might be easier to find gratitude today.

Moon enters Virgo 4:46 am CDT
Thursday, May 4.
The Moon in Virgo helps us check off the to do list. Today’s gratitude centers around the simple things, the kind of things that Virgo can revel in: organization, elegant solutions, pragmatic service, and people doing what they say they are going to do. Isn’t that divine?

Moon in Virgo
Friday, May 5.
Astronomical Beltane. The midpoint of each fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) holds special significance and energy. These fixed signs are the guardians of their elements. Taurus guards earth. For this reason, some honor this day when the Sun reaches the midpoint of Taurus as the most potent time to celebrate Beltane, one of the 8 Sabbaths celebrated by some Pagans. A grand earth trine reinforces the potency. The Moon in Virgo, the Sun in Taurus, and Pluto in Capricorn form a bond that deepens connection to the delights of earth. Beltane is a time to invoke and honor the fertility of this season. Thinking ahead, what do you hope to harvest in the fall? What magic will you create to ensure those seeds bear fruit? For me, magic requires prayer and action. Today is a good time to commit to the actions that will support your desires for the future. Revel in your senses. At the New Moon, I crafted a mantra for gratitude: Be still. Behold. Be overfilled. Be thankful. Can you feel the your vessel spilling over?

Moon enters Libra 1:20 pm CDT
May 6—Gibbous Moon: Budding. When I look at the gibbous Moon, I see a pregnant belly. That’s how this phase feels, too. We are on the verge of giving birth to the Taurus seeds planted at the New Moon. How does it feel to hold those dreams for a little while longer? The Taurus season is overfilled with beauty, making it easy to be grateful for the gifts the Earth bestows. This fixed earth sign invites us to be fully embodied. Our senses become a pathway to reclaiming our animal selves. Our animal selves know secrets that humans have forgotten. This is fertile territory. And we need this felt connection to the living world. Like that pregnant belly, getting bigger every day, take in more of Earth’s wisdom. May it sustain us through the rest of the year.

The Moon in Libra encourages partnerships. Imagine partnerships with the Earth too. As Venus in Aries opposes this Moon, we also experience the desire to remain true to ourselves. The balancing point between self and other is a dance of give and take. Since Venus is back in this position after a retrograde journey, perhaps we can be wiser about doing this dance.

Moon in Libra
Sunday, May 7.
 The Moon in Libra makes a trine to Mars in Gemini and conjoins Jupiter. We overflow with social connections. Jupiter has been at the apex of a yod aspect pattern for the last week. With the Moon as trigger, perhaps we really feel it today. This pattern involves two quincunx aspects, one between Jupiter and the Sun in Taurus and the other between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. This feels like idealism with an edge. It would be nice if we could forget the injustices of the world for a moment and look at everything with rose-colored glasses, but unfortunately we just can’t go back to that state of naivety after seeing what we’ve seen. A strong sense of justice motivates us to act for what is right.

Moon in Libra
Monday, May 8.
Things get real today. The Moon in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn and opposes the conjunction of Mercury and Uranus in Aries. The real might even get explosive. These are transits to trigger release of energy. This release could feel liberating or disruptive. Injustices, large and small, are hard to tolerate. Tomorrow, Mercury and Uranus come together in an exact conjunction. Today, we notice the impact. Mercury and Uranus bring sudden insight, breakthroughs, and unexpected communications. Be ready to receive a jolt from the blue.

Moon enters Scorpio 12:00 am CDT
Tuesday, May 9.
The Full Moon occurs tomorrow, but it might feel delicious to slip into Scorpio waters today when the Moon shifts into this sign. If undercurrents weren’t addressed over the last two days of Libra Moon triggers, then the Moon in Scorpio will dig a little deeper to help us purge unnecessary tensions. Welcome the deep waters of transformation. This process is part of the Taurus season too. Mercury and Uranus continue to send jolts of electricity through the day. Release your stress before you take it out on someone else. It is OK to need time alone. Scorpio Moons bring that out in us. The trine between the Sun in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn affirm that we need to go deep to stay solid.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Follow the Moon: April 11, 2017 - April 25

Moon enters Scorpio 5:41 pm CDT
April 11—Full Moon in Libra: Blossoming.
This lunation I am noticing my awakenings. Aries seeds were planted on March 27 at the New Moon. This first sign of the zodiac is about coming out of sleep to leap back into life. I find myself, halfway through the lunar cycle, with a desire to think about awakening in a new way. That is what I love about following an intention through the Moon cycle—this opportunity to dig deeper into an inquiry, to uproot some of my compulsions, and to dismantle some of my assumptions. Each phase of the Moon has me looking again at my focus and reflecting on how it fits into the moment. How might I change my perspective and realize something new?

Digging deeper into the intention of awakening, my path took me into Buddhist teachings about ego’s relationship to spiritual awakening. I found this piece to be very illuminating:

“According to the Buddhist tradition, the spiritual path is the process of cutting through our confusion, of uncovering the awakened state of mind. When the awakened state of mind is crowded in by ego and its attendant paranoia, it takes on the character of an underlying instinct. So it is not a matter of building up the awakened state of mind, but rather of burning out the confusions which obstruct it. In the process of burning out these confusions, we discover enlightenment. If the process were otherwise, the awakened state of mind would be a product, dependent upon cause and effect and therefore liable to dissolution.” – Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s forward to Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism by Chögyam Trungpa.

If ego’s function is “to maintain the sense of a solid, continuous self” (Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche), then the question becomes what is the conflict between identity (Self) and waking? Why would the Self resist waking up? What feels threatening to the ego? What are the benefits of waking, anyway?
I know that a solid sense of self is useful. A healthy ego is necessary. Yet, there are limitations, too, when we isolate in Self alone. It seems to me that this isolation has created a lot of the problems we currently face. Ego-defended isolation means I am not in relationship. When I am not in relationship, I lose touch with the things that make life beautiful and sacred— the relationships between all beings, both visible and invisible. Such relationships keep egos in check and make the possibility of waking a perpetual dance of interaction with others.

Such relationships can be scary. Needing others feels vulnerable. Letting my ego defense down exposes me to change. That solid sense of self that feels so safe suddenly is threatened by another giving me feedback or asking me to be different than I am. Yet, without such vulnerability, I cannot be fully awake in this life. This is the paradox and possibility of the Full Moon in Libra, which occurs on April 11.

Libra is about Relationship in equal proportion to how much Aries is about Self. These signs oppose each other and create a challenge for us. How do we balance self and other? How do we wake from isolation into relationship? These questions are potent right now, not just because the Sun and Moon occupy Aries and Libra. Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra have ratcheted up the tension quite a bit since coming into opposition in December 2016. This Full Moon could feel like a culmination of the lessons we are learning about waking up to and in relationship. And it could be dramatic. The Sun, Uranus, and Eris conjoin in Aries the week after the Full Moon. Eris is a dwarf planet located on the distant edges of our solar system. The discovery of Eris in 2005 led to the reclassification of Pluto to dwarf planet status. In myth, Eris is the goddess of strife and discord. The dwarf planet, Eris, is aptly named. Pluto’s declassification caused a bit of discord when Eris came on the scene. This week we will notice more discord. Make no mistake, awakenings may feel very uncomfortable right now. Jupiter in Libra opposes Sun, Uranus, and Eris. Jupiter makes the choice to let down our ego defenses a little more palatable. Jupiter in Libra encourages the risk of needing others. Pluto in Capricorn squares this opposition between self and others, adding the potential for powerful and deep transformation, the kind of transformation that changes everything.
Spring weather can be tempermental, one moment calm and serene, the next moment a storm is blowing through. Transits for the week of the Full Moon feel like that too. On the calm and serene front, Mars in Taurus aims for stability, but makes a quincunx to the Moon in Libra in the Full Moon chart. Not everything is under control. Retrograding Venus has returned to peace-loving Pisces from a tempestuous foray into Aries. Venus stations direct on April 15 and will re-enter Aries on April 29, giving us another opportunity to awaken to vulnerable relationship.

The last week of this lunar cycle feels more muscular, with earthy energies being emphasized. The Sun in Aries trines Saturn in Sagittarius helping us to anchor to our intentions. The Sun enters fixed earth Taurus on April 19, and though a week remains in the Aries lunar cycle, we begin to settle a bit. Much of the anxiety of spring emergence is over. Now, we tend the gardens. Pluto will be stationing retrograde on April 20, which always feels to me like the Earth reasserting life force power. We are small in relation to the Earth and we are reminded of it.

Forecast for April 12—April 25
Moon In Scorpio
Wednesday, April 12.
Scorpio has a reputation for being ruthless. This reputation is only partly deserved, but today we might see why Scorpio occasionally needs to use stinger and claws. The Moon in Scorpio has us feeling ready to strike out in defense. The Sun in Aries conjoins the dwarf planet Eris, goddess of discord, today. Uranus, the planet of awakening, is nearby, only one degree away. Aries can be pretty defensive too. Mars rules both Aries and Scorpio. The day starts with the Moon opposing newly retrograde Mercury in Taurus. Communication is problematic. Add to this a less than peaceful influence from Sun, Uranus and Eris, it may be best to reflect on why we feel so defensive and whether we can soften hard ego stances that keep us from trusting others.

Moon in Scorpio
Thursday, April 13.
Unsettled spring energy disturbs complacency and the ways we may be sleepwalking through life. Just after midnight tonight, the Sun in Aries conjoins Uranus. Earlier, the Moon in Scorpio opposes Mars in Taurus. What if we welcomed experiences that ask us to question our defended sense of self? What if were willing to let old constructs crumble, much like the image in the Tarot of the Tower being struck by lightening? Lightening may strike today. The Tarot teaches us that only after unhealthy structures are allowed to fall can we experience the integration and wholeness offered in the following card, The Star. Not everything is lost in the transformation. What remains are the building blocks of better relationships. As the Moon trines stationary Venus in Pisces, we may learn important ways to strengthen our relationship when we use empathy to make connections.

Moon enters Sagittarius 5:27 am CDT
Friday, April 14.
Sometimes we expect too much of ourselves. Notice how that may be true for you right now. Uranus and the Sun conjoin in Aries. Mercury is retrograding through Taurus heading back to Aries. Venus is stationing direct in Pisces heading back to Aries. Does it seem like everything is trying to tell you something about waking up? Does it seem like everything is trying to get you to see the ways your ego may be keeping you from that awakening? We might be craving stability and not finding it in too many places. Or, under the influence of the Sagittarius Moon, we might feel that hitting the road is the best way to find some kind of normal. We can’t run from ourselves. All this emphasis on Aries must be telling us that at the very least. Ride the waves of change. Be the change you wish to see.

Moon in Sagittarius
April 15—Disseminating Moon: Fruiting. Did something grow from the seeds you planted in the New Moon soil of Aries (March 27)? What happened during this cycle of awakening? What were the struggles? What are the gifts? Given the rambunctious nature of this lunar cycle, these gifts were probably unexpected and most likely a mixed bag. I’ve learned it isn’t easy to wake up. What feels like a joyful desire to shed winter’s drudgery can actually be scary and confusing. I’ve also learned about ego resistance to becoming truly awake. It has felt to me like flying without a net. Aries energy is much like the Fool’s in Tarot. The Fool is often depicted as someone about to take their next step off a cliff, totally unaware that it is about to happen. Is this awakening or a result of being asleep? Whichever, it seems that life conspires to push us further, willingly or not. What are you noticing?
The Sagittarius Moon invites the Fool’s adventure. Both Aries and Sagittarius are fire signs. Both lead to discovery of Self. Venus stations direct today after turning retrograde in Aries on March 4. This planet of relationship has been challenging the notion of selfhood. Venus, which usually helps us to moderate our tempers, has displayed much less impulse control while retrograding through Aries. Today, Venus stands again in Pisces, readying to reenter Aries on April 29. How will we commit to a better balance between Self and Other?

Moon enters Capricorn 6:04 pm CDT
Sunday, April 16.
This is a good day to pause and take stock of where you are now after a very active and stimulating week. Maybe there was so much stimulation that you needed to shut down. That happens. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is influential today. Yesterday, Venus in Pisces stationed direct a few minutes from an exact conjunction with Chiron in Pisces. Mars in Taurus makes a sextile aspect to both Chiron and Venus. The pausing moment asks us to look at our fragility. Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness. But there is something we can learn about habitual states of fragility. Those don’t help either. I am thinking of this recent Venus retrograde as an opportunity to scrub clean some unproductive assumptions about getting along with others. There are times to stand up for yourself and times you need to step aside. Have you learned this discernment over the past month? Mars in Taurus provides a steady ground to stand on as we as we consider these lessons.

Moon in Capricorn
Monday, April 17.
If fire makes the engine go then earth provides the brakes. Earth emphasis today helps us slow down. Not everything can be solved, initiated, or dealt with immediately. Notice the way that earth helps you reconsider rash moves and provides good boundaries for processes moving way to fast. The Sun in Aries is trine to Saturn in Sagittarius. Though both of these signs are fire, the action of the trine between the Sun and Saturn feels earthy. Mars in Taurus, which is an earth sign, asks Saturn to act more Saturnian, which means determined and focused. The Capricorn Moon, ruled by Saturn, values integrity. Following through on commitments feels good. Venus in Pisces is moving slowly after stationing direct two days ago. This slow moving Venus is building to an exact square to Saturn on April 21. Lessons learned about relationship begin to form new commitments. The process isn’t easy. Be patient.

Moon in Capricorn
Tuesday, April 18.
If the Moon is in a cardinal sign (it is) then it must be time to reactivate the querulous planets: Uranus in Aries opposing Jupiter in Libra, with both forming a square to Pluto in Capricorn. This t-square pattern is moving off of exactitude but the Moon helps remind us of the tensions below the surface of daily life. Issues of change, justice, and power collide again. They may be colliding but perhaps they are also reminding us that we can’t rest while so much is at stake. What helps you sustain the effort?

Moon enters Aquarius 5:52 am CDT
April 19—Last Quarter Moon: Re-seeding. Sun enters Taurus. The last week of the Aries lunar cycle begins just as the Sun enters Taurus. The flavor of this cycle has just changed, but not by much. Aries is bubbling under the calm surface of grounded Taurus. Later this month when Mercury and Venus re-enter Aries, we will feel again that surge to awake and act. Now, however, we are in the mood to evaluate our experiences of the last three weeks. Sometimes we can’t take back our actions. Perhaps you’ve wanted to. Aries often acts first and thinks second. This can lead to regrets. Do you have any? Though we may not be able to take back such actions, we can learn from them. My own regrets led me to explore the relationship between ego and awakening. Buddhist teacher, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, writes that “it is not a matter of building up the awakened state of mind, but rather of burning out the confusions which obstruct it.” Mistakes can be the catalyst to burn away unnecessary obstructions to relationship. Perhaps I have learned I do not need the ego defenses that keep me isolated.

We are learning, even if we have a hard time expressing it. The Moon in Aquarius makes a challenging square to retrograde Mercury in Taurus. The Aquarius influence increases the speed of thought. The Taurus influence asks us to slow it all down. Don’t trip over yourself trying to get your message across. Everything in the mercurial realms: electricity, travel, communications, commerce do not behave as they should.

Moon in Aquarius
Thursday, April 20.
The inferior conjunction—the moment retrograding Mercury conjoins the Sun—is the heart of the Mercury retrograde cycle. That happens today at zero degrees Taurus. Taurus appreciates the basics. Perhaps we can simplify the way we think, the words we use, our means of getting where we want to go. Perhaps, we can re-evaluate today the ways our thoughts impact our everyday lives. Slowing down is suggested. That way, we can better appreciate the reverberations of Pluto turning retrograde today. As ruler of the underworld, Pluto impacts the deeper realms of Earth. Notice the Earth. Spend time listening. You just may hear the Earth’s soul speaking to you.

Moon enters Pisces 2:42 pm CDT
Friday, April 21.
The Sun and retrograding Mercury have passed each other like two ships in the night. Now, the Sun moves deeper into Taurus and Mercury moves back into Aries. The Aries lunar cycle is winding down. Retrograding Mercury invites us to open in a different way to the intention of awakening. Open your senses. Expect to get messages. There’s another helper with messaging. Mars has entered the mercurial sign of Gemini. How many ways can we communicate? How can we awaken curiosity? How might this change our perspective? Another significant influence is Venus in Pisces (still retrograde) forming a square to Saturn in Sagittarius. All week, these two have been in dialog about mutual supports, the necessity to rely on each other, even when we don’t know how. There is pressure to make our relationships more meaningful. Ironically, this may leave us forgetting how to be social. As sensitivity increases under the Pisces Moon, focus on the quality of your relationships and cull the ones that don’t feel right to you.

Moon in Pisces
April 22—Balsamic Moon: Composting. The end of a journey can feel like the beginning. Coming to the final phase of this lunar cycle planted with the Aries seeds of awakening, we might wonder if we’ve even been anywhere at all. I’ve noticed that the intention of awakening started with a desire to bring new light to self-reflection, went off in the direction of spiritual awakenings, and now comes back to the question: What is waking? What does it mean to wake up? What is waking in me right now? What is waking in us? The Moon in Pisces invites surrender. This may even feel like relaxing vigilance. Perhaps waking happens naturally. We don’t have to force it. It doesn’t take effort. I want to notice what is waking in the Earth right now. What do creatures show me about waking? Waking is relationship. When the Sun reaches a certain latitude, buds know to emerge. When the rain comes, grass begins to green. When insects start to hatch, birds know to show up. My waking depends on so many seen and unseen things. As I acknowledge the interconnections, I honor the mysteries of mutual awakenings.

Transits are relatively quiet today. Go outside. Notice what is waking.

Moon enters Aries 7:32 pm CDT
Sunday, April 23.
Before moving into Aries tonight, the Moon in Pisces visits Chiron and Venus in Pisces. Saturn in Sagittarius looms in the corner making sure we don’t enjoy ourselves too much. Pisces influence creates identification with the suffering of all beings. Saturn influence says we must do something about it, or perhaps we feel overwhelmed by not being able to do anything about it. Take one step at a time. It is beautiful that we feel so much.

Moon in Aries
Monday, April 24.
We’ve got something to go over again today. Retrograding Mercury in Aries forms a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius. These two made the same contact on March 29 when Mercury was moving direct. After Mercury stations direct, it comes back for one last chat with Saturn (May 11). We are honing our communication skills. Think of today as the second draft of an important letter. What do you really want to say? Aries fire might make it hard to slow down enough to consider our second thoughts. Notice that.

Moon enters Taurus 8:56 pm CDT
Tuesday, April 25.
On the last day of the Aries lunar cycle, the Moon returns to meet Uranus in Aries once again. This time, retrograde Mercury is there too. What have we learned about awakening? Sometimes the lightening does it for us. Today might be one of those days. Be careful with communication and travel. Yesterday, perhaps you practiced having second thoughts. It might be good to remember how to slow down the speed of yours. If you are feeling brave, or foolish, you might want to ride the wild ride of this day into unexpected circumstances. Who knows, it could be delightful.

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